Telecommunications Jobs in Guernsey, Jersey and globally

With the rapid advancement of technology, the telecoms sector has emerged as an influential industry, making the world a better connected place. Over the last decade, the global communication system has evolved dramatically, from telegraph to mobile devices and wireless technology. Thanks to the telecommunications sector, we’re now able to consume, create and send large amounts of data in seconds; thus it has transformed the way we communicate and transmit information. As the consumer base continues to grow and expand, more and more telecommunication companies are entering the global market, selling their new products/ services and building private/ public sector partnerships.

This sector has opened up avenues for professionals in telephone, television, radio, computer network, wireless, broadband and global positioning system (GPS).  Some of the common career paths for telecommunications professionals are: systems managers, line installers, software engineers and programmers.

Telecommunications jobs include:

  • System Manager

  • Carrier Manager

  • IP Engineer

  • Computer engineer

  • Network Engineer

  • Project Manager

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