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British Isles

The British Isles is comprised of a group of islands including the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Northern Isles and the Channel Islands, amongst others. Despite their relatively small geographic size, they have a combined population of around 72 million, most of whom are located in the United Kingdom.

The Channel Islands are considered a leading international financial hub, with both Jersey and Guernsey transacting billions of pounds worth of financial operations each year. Both the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are British Crown Dependencies that enjoy judicial and legislative autonomy. That being said, they depend on the UK for international representation and defence.

Each region has its own unique culture and traditions. English is the dominant language, though there are a number of indigenous languages including Scots, Welsh, Gaelic, Irish and French.

Of all the British Isles countries and islands, the United Kingdom has the strongest economy. It is the fifth largest in the world by nominal GDP, which is driven by its service sector, especially in finance, insurance and business services. While London remains a leading global financial centre, The Channel are also highly regarded as top offshore jurisdictions.

Why Choose the British Isles?

If you have experience in advertising, marketing, IT, software, publishing or development and are looking to advance your career, the British Isles are a superb choice.

London is world-renowned as a hub of creativity, with a wide range of interesting roles in technology, graphic design, digital marketing, publishing and fashion available. The creative sector is incredibly vibrant with lots of scope for career progression. The city is also the epicentre of business, with some of the world’s largest companies located here. What’s more, the boom in computer services has largely contributed to the sector’s growth in recent years.

Guernsey and Jersey also have strong, diverse, and inclusive arts and creative scenes that are always in need of qualified individuals for available roles. The islands are renowned for their quality of life, superb work-life balance and fantastic employment opportunities. Team members can soon make a positive impact and contribute a great deal to operations.

Requirements to set up a company

Many companies choose to set up offices in the Channel Islands due to simple company formation processes and zero corporate tax rates. These are premier international financial centres with notably high standards and world-renowned reputations. The Isle of Man also offers a nurturing environment for new businesses, as well as a 0% corporate tax rate.

Since it is comprised of a number of countries/crown dependencies, it is important to check the unique requirements of each area of the British Isles for specific details and information.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

Please refer to the individual pages of each country/Crown Dependency within the British Isles for specific information pertaining to employment and relocation.