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AP Technical is a 360-degree recruitment consultancy supporting businesses and job seekers with their Bermuda recruitment needs. AP Technical goes above and beyond to ensure high-quality candidates are matched to professional job roles in Bermuda. We specialize in filling vacancies within the blockchain, crypto, digital media, telecoms and IT sectors.

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Bermuda is an archipelago that lies approximately 650 miles off the coast of the USA. It is a British overseas territory and a top offshore jurisdiction that offers many advantages, including a competitive tax regime, business-friendly policies, and a sophisticated regulatory framework.

Bermuda is an important international financial center, while the country’s insurance and reinsurance sectors are the economy’s main drivers. Incomes are excellent, the standard of living is high and the people are renowned for being warm, friendly and welcoming.

Although the island is influenced by American, Spanish, and Portuguese cultures, it has a unique blend of British colonial history with African heritage. Hamilton, the island's capital, is home to many well-preserved historic buildings and forts documenting its dynamic past.

Bermuda's telecommunications network is well-developed and includes transportation links that connect the island with North, South, and Caribbean countries, as well as Europe. There are seven Internet Service Providers in Bermuda, several web design agencies, and a number of software and hardware vendors.

Why choose Bermuda?

Apart from its unique cultural identity and unspoiled nature, Bermuda is a vibrant financial and banking center, providing many opportunities for qualified professionals from across the globe.

Bermuda does not levy taxes on capital gains, corporate income, or double taxation. It is an economically and politically stable island that boasts first-class communication facilities, an educated workforce and access to all the professional support services people expect from an offshore leader.

Bermuda is a beautiful, semi-tropical island that offers excellent recreational facilities, including swimming, tennis and various water sports. Many high-profile cultural, sporting and musical events are held here throughout the year, giving you the best chance to experience a lively and exciting lifestyle.

Requirements to set up a company

The process of setting up your company in Bermuda depends on the company's structure, size and how it is organized. The Bermuda Government advises prospective businesspeople to consult a local attorney for assistance in determining the correct procedure.

The process usually involves creating a business plan, selecting the right business structure, and preparing the Company Registration forms. You will also need to draft the Articles of Association, then file the documents with the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

If you plan to work in Bermuda, you'll have to find a job before your arrival on the island. Your new employer and sponsor will guide you through the entire process.

You will need the following:

• Certified copy of your passport

• Certified copies of your degree/professional qualification certificates

• Police certificate confirming you have no convictions

• Medical certificate confirming you are in good health

• Written references