Recruitment for ecommerce jobs in Guernsey, Jersey and internationally

With the advancement of technology, ecommerce - a relatively new sector-has taken businesses online, cashing in on the already popular retail and consumer goods market and the tech savvy-ness of the new generation customers.

Ecommerce offers the luxury of shopping from the comfort of your home, along with exciting discounts and attractive offers.  It also covers a wide range of business exchanges that are conducted over the internet such as paying bills, online auction or business-to-business exchange of goods.

The emergence of an electronic marketplace means consumers are now able to exchange goods and services in a faster, cheaper and more convenient way, without any barriers of time and place.

A rapidly expanding sector, ecommerce offers plenty of opportunities for jobseekers across marketing/advertising, customer service, IT and management.

In this sector, the role of an IT professional can be very varied, and some may involve customer-facing aspects such as IT support, data privacy and security.  

There are various jobs within ecommerce sector, including: 

  • Web administrator

  • Digital analyst 

  • Senior Online Marketing Analyst

  • Digital Social Media Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Technical Manager

Looking to recruit eCommerce specialists in Guernsey, Jersey or globally?

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