Business Intelligence / MI / AI / DATA Jobs

AP Technical are recruitment specialists dedicated to assisting job seekers of every level with finding jobs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With offices across the globe including in Guernsey, Jersey, Dubai and Singapore, we work with countless businesses worldwide to fill jobs related to artificial intelligence, including: 

  • AI strategy jobs

  • AI technology jobs 

  • Medical AI jobs

  • AI finance jobs

  • AI project manager jobs

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning jobs 

  • AI development jobs 

  • AI sales jobs 

  • AI technician jobs

  • Jobs in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 

At AP Technical, we take the time to ask the questions that matter to match our client and candidate expectations. We work tirelessly in the fields of Business Intelligence, machine learning and Data, filling countless Artificial Intelligence jobs at a range of levels. 
Some of the many AI related jobs we have successfully filled include: 

  • AI Solutions Architect

  • Machine Learning Project Manager 

  • Research Assistant Machine Learning 

  • AI Engineer

  • AI Business Development Manager 

  • Business Intelligence Developer 

Why AP Technical?

As AI continues to advance in areas as wide-ranging as speech translation, gameplay and medical diagnosis, many believe that AI will become the greatest job engine the world has ever seen. Radical technological advances have resulted in thousands of new companies worth trillions of dollars, and the emergence of dozens of new careers. 
We understand the significance of AI in the workplace, and how jobs continue to adapt based on this evolving technology. Reports suggest that new applications of AI combined with human collaboration could boost employment worldwide by as much as 10% by 2020. By 2022, AI is expected to create 58 million new jobs. Employers and job seekers need to be ready in order to fully harness these growth opportunities. 
Recommended qualifications and credentials include:

  • Degree in Statistics 

  • Certified Business Intelligence Professional 

  • IBM Certified Designer – Cognos Analytics Author V11

  • MCSA – BI Reporting

  • MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development 

  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics 

  • Oracle Certification 

  • Master’s Degree in AI Research  

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