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As the largest and most diverse continent in the world, Asia is a superb place to evolve your career or accelerate the success of your business. AP Technical offers guidance and solutions covering the entire recruitment process in Asia and across the globe.

If you are seeking recruitment solutions or career opportunities in Asia in IT, digital media, telecoms, fintech and e-gaming, AP Technical is the ideal choice.

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Asia specialist recruitment

Consisting of 48 countries located in the Eastern and Northern hemispheres, Asia is an enormous continent that covers around 30% of earth’s total surface area. Over 60% of the world’s population lives here, or approximately 4.4 billion people. While more than 2,300 languages are spoken in Asia, some of the most common include Chinese, Arabic, Malay, Persian and Russian. It is the birthplace of 11 major religions, and more than 350 ethnic groups.

Asia is home to some of the largest economies in the world, including China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Turkey. The economies of China and Vietnam are described as socialist market economies, while India and Singapore and home to developmental market economies. Meanwhile, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are described as state-coordinated market economies. Top industries include technology, finance, investment and international trade.

Asia is the fastest-growing economic region in the world, with many robust, sophisticated and diverse sectors. A number of leading international firms are located here, in sectors as varied as tech, design, publishing, finance, new media and software. The region is renowned for its business-friendly and welcoming environment, while its stable legal and economic environment remains very attractive to international investors.

Why Choose Asia?

Asia equips leaders with the skills needed to master innovative ways of thinking and operating. The markets here are rapidly growing and changing, while there are many world-renowned global business centres located here, which continue to rank highly, particularly within the media, technology and telecoms sectors.

While Asia is an incredibly diverse and multicultural part of the world, English is widely spoken, especially in the business world. With its political stability, economic strength and affordable cost of living, it remains an attractive and appealing destination for expats.

Requirements to set up a company

While requirements differ from country to country, overall, it is relatively easy for foreign investors to establish a business in Asia. Factors such as lower tax rates, favourable government regime and a growing talent pool continue to attract international companies to expand their businesses in Asia. Amongst the most popular locations for business operation include Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

The necessary documents needed to work in Asia vary from country to country. To work in Singapore, you usually require a valid work visa, which is acquired upon securing a job offer. To work in Hong Kong, you must obtain a visa from the Chinese embassy. Emigration here is typically straightforward, as Hong Kong is eager to maintain its reputation as an attractive international business hub.

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