Cyprus Relocation Advice

If you are thinking of moving to Cyprus we can help with your employment needs.  See the below guide on a relocate to Cyprus and please contact us if you would like any further information.  AP Technical - recruitment agencies Cyprus.

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In the last fifteen years, Cyprus has developed into an attractive cosmopolitan island blending quality Mediterranean lifestyle and bustling international and local industry.

The major towns now offer many of the trappings you might expect from a developed modern city; excellent entertainment and international high quality cuisine, with the accessible traditional villages offering a refuge for the quieter life.

Since the division of the island in 1974, the south has flourished economically through its main industry, tourism, and now attracts a number of multinational companies due to the beneficial tax system and its valuable position as a gateway between Europe and the Middle East.  Greek is the official language; however, English is widely spoken and is often a requirement for many positions of employment either as a priority or a second language.

Why Choose Cyprus

The IT sector in Cyprus is growing!  The relatively young local IT sector workforce is still lacking in certain areas and experience levels.  These include high level Software Developers, System / Network Engineers, IT Security specialists etc.  Popular technology vendor accreditations such as CISCO and Microsoft, as well as professional experience, are always attractive to companies here when looking at potential candidates.

For Employees

Salaries in IT are normally above the island's national average, particularly in more specialist areas. With some exceptions, they will be approximately a third lower than the equivalent positions in more mature West European locations.  However, this is a compromise many people are willing to make as it is offset by the many advantages the Cyprus way of life has to offer. A more favourable tax system, the generally more relaxed pace, the year round sunshine, the easily accessible contrast from the mountains to the beaches and the western familiarity (Cyprus has had a strong British influence as a former colony which is still evident) makes it a popular choice for relocation over its European Union partners.

Many people who are looking at living / working in Cyprus usually have already visited the island and have been seduced by it's beauty and charm.  The majority of the commercial sector is based first in Nicosia (the island's capital) and then Limassol with Larnaca being a sparse third. So when considering areas to be based it is important to ensure distance to these towns are taken into account.