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AP Technical is an all-encompassing recruitment agency offering support, advice and guidance to job seekers looking for Fribourg recruitment. We support you at every stage of the Fribourg recruitment process, from the initial job search right through to interview preparation and relocation.

With a presence in Switzerland, including in Zurich and Geneva, we are ideally situated to support you in your search for fintech, blockchain, digital media, IT and telecommunications vacancies in Fribourg. We also support businesses with locating top candidates for their latest available roles.

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Fribourg is a medieval city situated above the Sarine River, in the west of Switzerland. This is a bilingual canton with two official languages: French and German. Despite a population of just over 28,000 people, Fribourg is a pioneering canton and a major administrative, economic and educational centre. It is renowned for its cultural diversity, excellent multilingual education and beautiful architecture.

A number of multinational firms have selected Fribourg as the location for their international headquarters, logistic centres and manufacturing operations. The local labour market is incredibly dynamic, and many businesses are eager to hire expats for positions.

Why Choose Fribourg?

Ideally situated between the western and German-speaking parts of Switzerland, Fribourg is one of Switzerland’s biggest cities, and offers plenty of career opportunities. This highly-developed city is rich in opportunities, and continues to attract expats seeking professional employment opportunities.

With a low unemployment rate, the process of finding employment in Fribourg should be relatively straightforward, particularly if you are highly skilled. Many fields in the city require international expertise, while one-third of the population comprises of expats.

While sectors such as trade, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals are thriving, others, including technology, communications and finance, have experienced considerable growth in recent years. Outside of work, you’ll benefit from an abundance of nature, a rich cultural heritage and charming local customs.

Requirements to set up a company

Fribourg offers a diverse business environment for investors. To set up a company here, you’ll need to determine the type of business entity you’d like to establish (e.g., a Limited Liability Company, or a corporation). Minimum share capital depends on the type of business structure you select, while at least one director must be a Swiss resident. You’ll need to open a Swiss bank account and file your company with the Registrar of Companies.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

If you are a highly qualified worker educated to university level with several years of professional work experience, you will be more likely to be eligible for a Swiss work permit. Knowledge of the local language is highly advantageous. You must also have proof that you will improve your professional and social development while working here.

Non-EU/EEA residents will require a visa and B or C permit in order to live and work in Fribourg. EU nationals wishing to live and work in Fribourg for a period of 90 days or more will need to register their employment either through the online government portal or the Fribourg authorities. They will also need to apply for a residence/work permit.

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