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The continent of Australasia comprises of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea, as well as a number of neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean. As the world’s smallest continent, it has a population of around 30 million, with the primary languages spoken including English and French.

Australia is the most dominant country in the region. It has an incredibly diverse population of more than 270 ethnic groups, each with its own distinct indigenous culture.

Australia is a wealthy nation characterised by a market-based economy and a high GDP per capita. The country’s finance centre is thriving, as well as its business consulting and healthcare sectors. Sydney is the country’s financial and business services hub, not just for Australia but for the entire Asia-Pacific region. It is a thriving and affluent city providing around 25% of the country’s total GDP. Other major cities include Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Why Choose Australasia?

Australasia scores high on many variables, including income, community, environment, work-life balance and safety. The region offers excellent employment opportunities and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. There are thousands of expats situated here – particularly in Australia – which is renowned for its first-rate healthcare system, competitive salaries and superb quality of life. Education in Australia is typically of a high quality, while housing is generally of a very high standard too.

New Zealand is equally as popular thanks to its exceptional work-life balance, which is considered amongst one of the highest in the world. There are many opportunities in the country for skilled individuals, especially in industries such as hospitality and aquaculture. That being said, the digital gaming, publishing and tech sectors are also very robust here.

Many industries in Australasia remain in need of skilled professionals, and there is great demand in the arts, media, IT, telecommunications and business.

Requirements to set up a company

Please refer to the official government websites of Australia and New Zealand for the latest information about company formation in the region.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

Australasia is always in need of skilled professionals to fill available positions, whether for short or long-term purposes. To fill skills shortages, Australasian countries operate Skilled Migrants Programmes, which change depending on current requirements.

To be eligible for Australia’s Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, you will either need to be nominated by an approved Australian employer for a job in regional Australia, or be on the list for eligible skilled occupations. For New Zealand, you will need to be offered a job from a New Zealand employer, or be from a country that has a special work scheme.

To learn more about the process of obtaining a work visa for the Australasian region, please contact AP Technical today.