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Bahrain is an attractive choice for expats looking for employment, and has been ranked among the top places in the Middle East to live and work. However, it is a highly competitive environment, so you will need sponsorship to work here.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, an archipelago of 33 island islands covering 741 square kilometres in the Arabian Gulf, is east of Saudi Arabia and north of Qatar. The population is around 1.41 million, and the official language is Arabic, however, English is widely spoken.

Although oil revenues make up a significant portion of Bahrain's gross national product (GDP), there is an increase in the country's financial, real estate, construction and manufacturing sectors.

What’s more, the region is also becoming a part of the large e-commerce sector and there are going to be many e-commerce related opportunities in the future. The Bahraini government is planning to spend millions in the sector to promote e-commerce in younger generations, who are incredibly well-connected.

Why choose Bahrain?

Bahrain is a safe, family-friendly country with a low cost of living and excellent quality-of-life. Tax rates are low, there are many exciting job opportunities here, and salaries are excellent.

There are many thriving sectors in Bahrain, including financial services, Information Technology (ICT), manufacturing, logistics, real estate and education. International corporations have established themselves here from many countries, including the United Arab Emirates (Kuwait), France, India and Japan, the UK and Hong Kong.

Requirements to set up a company

The GCC's smallest country, Bahrain, can attract foreign direct investment (FDI). This is due to an environment that encourages small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and the benefits of a low cost of living and an educated population.

Bahrain is a business-friendly country and has been welcoming to foreign investors for many years. Foreigners can easily come to Bahrain and invest here, and the country also offers many supplementary benefits for business establishments.

Unlike other GCC members, investors in Bahrain can enjoy 100% foreign ownership in most sectors without the need for a local partner.

To form a company in Bahrain, you will need a legal registered address, a certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and a Shareholders’ agreement. You will also need a minimum of two directors and two shareholders.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

Expats are usually recruited from abroad, and their employer will sponsor them for both a visa and a work permit before entering Bahrain. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, employers should file necessary documents with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority before any dependents or employees arrive in Bahrain.

In order to work in Bahrain as a foreign national, you will need a work visa, which is issued by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority. You will need to file a sponsorship letter, a copy of the contract, and an authorised health record.