Recruitment for electronics design / engineering jobs in Guernsey, Jersey and globally

From smartphones and automobiles to medical scanners and defence weapons, modern life is heavily reliant on electronic products, both for consumer and industrial requirements. Electronic sector jobs allow professionals to work in a number of areas depending on their field of specialisation, including retail, automotive, aerospace, marine, rail, chemical, medical, military and communications.

There are a variety of roles available in this sector, ranging from management and consultancy positions to technical jobs. Technical jobs involve design engineering (manufacturing products) or applications engineering (operations/logistics). Depending on the industry, some jobs may require cross-disciplinary expertise.

AP Technical is a specialist recruitment provider with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the electronics sector, having been in the industry for over 8 years. Whether you are looking for a new position in the electronics sector or want to increase the headcount within your organisation, AP Technical is uniquely placed to be your recruitment partner of choice for all your staffing and employment needs.

There are various jobs within electronics design/engineering sector, including: 

  • Hardware Electronics Design Engineer

  • Electronics Test Engineer

  • Technical Project Manager

  • Installation Engineer

  • Development Engineer

  • Controls Engineer