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The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a beautiful archipelago within the Eastern Caribbean, around 60 miles from the coast of Puerto Rico. Its capital, Road Town, serves as the administrative capital of this British Overseas Territory. It also serves as the hub for the BVI financial services and offshore legal sectors, and is home to many expats.

With a small size and a permanent population of about 30,000, very few locations within the BVI are crowded. Compared to other offshore centers like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, Tortola – the largest of the BVI islands – remains relatively quiet, which is one of the reasons why it is so appealing to many.

The BVI’s economy is among the most robust and stable in the Caribbean, and is heavily dependent upon the financial services sector, which is estimated to generate 45% of the nation's income.

Why choose the BVI?

There are many advantages to living and working within the BVI. This vibrant financial and banking industry is available to professionals from a range of backgrounds, with excellent opportunities for career advancement and development.

The competitive tax system in the BVI is another draw for expats. Employees are exempt from tax on income, while businesses are exempt from corporate tax.

With a distinct multicultural population and English as the official language, integrating into the BVI is very straightforward. This is a secure, safe and welcoming place to live and work, with low crime rates and excellent political and economic stability.

Expats can enjoy affordable and top-quality educational and healthcare facilities. There are endless recreational options including water activities (scuba diving and snorkeling), adventure sports (hiking and cycling), and cricket and golf.

Requirements to set up a company

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has positioned itself among the top business destinations offshore, providing a conducive environment for investors and businessowners. Establishing an offshore business in the BVI is among the best decisions you can make to reap significant returns on investment.

In order to set up a business in the BVI you will need one director, one shareholder, and a company secretary (of any nationality). You will also need to reserve a company name, open a local bank account and submit all relevant documentation.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

To get a work permit, you will need to submit the necessary forms to the Labour Department, along with a submission fee. The process of obtaining a work permit takes 4-12 weeks from when the application is submitted to the Department of Labour and Workforce. Once approved, you will need to complete a number of medical tests no more than one month prior to your arrival. Upon arrival in the BVI, you will need to visit the Department of Labour and Workforce to obtain your work permit forms.