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Qatar is a peninsula Arab country bordered by Saudi Arabia in the south, with Bahrain located to the northwest. Arabic is the country’s official language, though English is commonly used. Although the culture of Qatar is influenced by traditional Bedouin culture, the country’s capital, Doha, is renowned for its futuristic skyscrapers and ultra-modern architecture.

Qatar has one of the strongest economies in the Arab region, and the world’s most promising economies. While its economy largely depends on oil and gas, e-commerce is a huge emerging sector anticipated to expand from QAR 4.7 billion (US $1.3 billion) to QAR 12 billion (the US $3.2 billion) in 2022 and beyond.

With the changing preferences of consumers and demand growing for more household purchases, online retailers in Qatar are looking at their marketing and sales strategies. They are determining ways to capitalise on this growing trend by increasing and modernising their sales platforms and applications.

In 2015, Qatar began an ambitious Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expansion plan with a range of initiatives designed to launch private and public sector modernisation of ICT infrastructure, eGovernment, and cybersecurity. The Qatari National Vision 2030 includes a particular goal for the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) to create the highest-quality infrastructure in technology and services.

Why choose Qatar?

Qatar boasts low unemployment rates, coupled with one of the highest per capita incomes. Although salaries in Qatar are similar to the ones for employees in Western countries, they are tax-free, which is a huge advantage. The majority of expats report working in Qatar as an easy change, and expats comprise the largest percentage of the population. English has replaced Arabic as the primary language for business.

The region's more liberal views on investment and trade will create increased employment, especially in the fields of construction, energy and finance. This is a thriving location with excellent employment prospects, a robust healthcare system and a world-class education system.

Requirements to set up a company

Qatar has specific guidelines and conditions for foreign businesspeople looking to establish a business within the free zones and elsewhere. In addition to submitting a request for Company Registration, you will need to prepare the Articles of Association, choose a trade name and obtain the authenticated MOA by the Ministry of Justice. You will also need to deposit money into a Qatari bank account, gain permission to commence commercial activity with the authorities, and obtain the Commercial Registration and License.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

Work permits are available only through local sponsors. The application process for the Residence Permit is taken care of by the employer who provides the sponsorship. However, before your application can be filed, it is necessary to take a medical examination in the local area. After that, you must provide notarised, legal, and attested educational documents to your employer to support the application. It is best to get these documents before arriving in Qatar. Permanent residents of Qatar must also obtain an ID card.