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How does this work?

With over 30 years of experience in delivering specialist payroll solutions to clients, AP Group Payroll (division of AP Group Ltd) works with organizations of all sizes – big to small and medium-sized – across a broad range of sectors in Guernsey, Jersey, London, UK, Isle of Man and Cyprus, offering flexible, customised and cost effective payroll services.

Using latest payroll software and international expertise, we ensure fast, secure and efficient payroll processing, whilst maintaining compliance with the latest tax regulations and employment laws.

Outsourcing to AP Group Payroll means you can solely focus on core business activities and don’t have to invest in staff training and technology to manage your payroll related task.

Our team of experienced and qualified HR and payroll specialists will discuss your specific business requirements and available options to tailor our service accordingly, so you can rest assured that your employees are paid correctly and on time.

Our service includes:


At AP Group Payroll, we offer streamlined, customised and cost-effective payroll processing for domestic and global employees within multinational companies of all sizes across a variety of sectors in Guernsey, Jersey, London, UK, Isle of Man and Cyprus.

Our in-depth international payroll knowledge, combined with our extensive experience, means we are ideally placed to efficiently process your payrolls in multi-currencies, whilst complying with the latest tax regulations and government policies.

Issuing & posting of payslips

Employers are legally obliged to issue payslips to the employees. We ease your administrative burden by generating computerised payslips, which can be sent to the employee online or printed if necessary. 

All our itemised payslips carry detailed information about the income, including any allowances and deductions made.

Income tax return and Social security declarations

We provide comprehensive payroll solutions to companies of all sizes, taking care of every aspect of payroll processing. By handling the onerous task of filing employees' income tax returns and social security declarations, we ensure that you concentrate solely on your business development.

Payment Instructions:

We offer two options for processing payment instructions, so you can choose the one that best suits your business needs, see below:

The staff employed by the client directly

  • We generate payroll files, including tax & social security returns

  • We submit tax & social security returns

  • The client pays the staff and authorities

  • We invoice the client for our payroll services only

The staff employed by AP Group/ AP Technical  

  • We generate payroll files, including tax & social security returns

  • We submitted tax & social security returns

  • We pay staff & authorities

  • We invoice the client with the staff salaries and our fee. The client has to pay our invoice 10 days before salaries are due.