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Located in the south-west of Switzerland, Geneva is the second-most populous city in the country (after Zurich). It is the French-speaking part of Switzerland, with a population of just over 626,000 people (2022 estimate) comprised of Swiss (69.3%), German (4.2%), Italian (3.2%), Portuguese (2.5%), French (2.1%), Kosovo and Turkish (1% respectively) and other (16%). While French is the region’s dominant language, German, Italian, English and Rumantsch are also spoken here.

Geneva is a global city and world-famous financial centre. It is well-known as the global centre for diplomacy due to the presence of a number of international organisations, including the headquarters of the United Nations, the Red Cross and the World Trade Organisation.

Geneva has a thriving economy with many well-educated and highly-qualified expats moving here to fill available positions. The country boasts a flexible business culture across most sectors, making work-life balance easy to achieve. Factors such as politeness and directness are highly regarded, while the Swiss are generally known to be friendly yet official in their business dealings.

Why Choose Geneva?

Geneva is a popular location for expats for a number of reasons. It offers an excellent quality-of-life alongside the opportunity to develop a successful career. Salaries are high while employees benefit from social security, paid maternity/paternity leave, healthcare and other insurances.

So many expats are attracted to Geneva thanks to a rich job market with a range of industries to work in, including finance, banking and international trade. Many major corporations are situated here, including Carrefour, DHL and Ernst and Young.

Many expats hired to work in Geneva are recruited into high-level positions. If you’re eager to work in a formal and task-focused environment, then Geneva is the ideal location for you. The Swiss are notoriously punctual, while there is immense respect for procedure and detail, especially when it comes to negotiations.

Outside of work, you’ll benefit from stunning scenery, a thriving culture and plenty to see and do. The city boasts a year-round outdoor lifestyle with a never-ending list of activities on offer, including skiing, climbing, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding and so much more.

Requirements to set up a company

Looking to start a company in Geneva? You’ll need a solid business plan and an appropriate legal structure. You’ll need to get your chosen business name approved by the Swiss federal registry, and must pay the necessary capital requirement. You’ll need to comply with legal obligations in terms of employment, taxation, and authorizations. To ensure a seamless process, we recommend seeking professional assistance.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

In order to work in Geneva, you will require a valid work and residence permit. Both EU and non-EU/EFTA nationals will need to obtain a work permit from the cantonal immigration and employment market authorities.

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