FAQs for Temps

Welcome to this handy guide to all your queries on timesheets, getting paid, annual leave and more.

The following information is taken from your temps' contract of employment, further details are contained within and will only be issued once an assignment has been confirmed to you:

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In order for us to process your pay promptly, it is essential that your timesheet is completed accurately and returned to us no later than 6pm on the Sunday of the working week.

  • TIMESHEETS must be completed with ALL TIMES rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour: 0.15, 0.30, 0.45. Keeping to this format eases the payroll process!

  • DATE your timesheet as week-ending the Sunday (our pay week runs Monday to Sunday)

  • PROVIDE a contact number at work in case of any timesheet queries.

  • ONCE you have completed your timesheet, get it CHECKED and SIGNED by your line manager.

  • FAX it back to AP Group on Jersey or Guernsey 01481 715785 by the 6pm Sunday deadline.

Guernsey:  Please note that in Guernsey, failure to submit a timesheet before the deadline may result in non-payment of your Social Insurance Contribution for that week.  As this payment cannot be made retrospectively, it will have the effect of reducing your overall number of contributions.

Getting Paid

All correct timesheets submitted before the deadline are processed on Monday morning and your pay is usually transferred into your specified bank account on or around the following Friday. We will notify you on the occasions when it is not the Friday and guarantee that it will be no more that two working days after the Friday.  

For your information, hours spent travelling to and from work, and lunch or rest breaks are not counted as working time on an assignment.

Should you have any problems or queries at any time your temp controller is on hand to assist in any way they can, so please do not be afraid to approach them at any time.

Annual Leave/Holidays

Jersey:Under Jersey Law you are entitled to 2 weeks paid annual leave in each 52 week period along with all public and bank holidays (holiday year runs January to December). Payment of the annual leave is paid as an amount of 4% of your basic hourly rate against each basic hour completed, this will be paid with your weekly pay and will be shown clearly on your payslip, should you take authorised leave as holiday you will not receive any additional pay. Payment will be made for each public or bank holiday only when you are on an assignment where the public holiday falls in the middle of the assignment. All pay for bank and public holidays will not include the 4% holiday pay.  Holidays must be taken at times convenient to both the client and AP Group, and sufficient notice of intention to take holiday must be given to AP Group with, in any event, not less than 1 week's notice.

Guernsey:You will not be entitled to be paid in respect of holidays. Unpaid holidays must be taken at times convenient to us and the client, and sufficient notice of intention to take holiday must be given to AP Group with, in any event, not less than 1 week's notice.  

Sickness Absence

You will not be entitled to be paid in respect of sickness. You are required to provide us (AP Group) with a doctor's certificate after two days' sickness. Failure to do so will entitle the employer to terminate the contract in accordance.

You must inform AP Group no later than 8.30am on the date of the proposed absence from work to enable us to contact the client and to make alternative arrangements.

Your Payroll Information

We require your bank information, social security card, right to work documentation (Guernsey only) and income details before you start your temping assignment.

This form enables us to pay you directly into your bank account each week. We can then keep your details on file for subsequent assignments, so you only need to use this form to notify us if they should change.