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The archipelago of the Bahamas is situated between Florida and Cuba, in the Atlantic Ocean. Out of the hundreds of islands, just 30 of them are inhabited. Many expats who relocate to the Bahamas decide to move to New Providence Island, where around two-thirds of the population resides.

As an ex-British colony, the Bahamas is currently part of the commonwealth countries and has Queen Elizabeth as the state head. It is, however, legislatively independent and has the bicameral Parliament, which is influenced by its Westminster system.

The Bahamas has a history of more than 250 years of stable democracy in parliamentary form, and a government committed to preserving its position as a premier international financial center. It has a sound legal system based on the British legal system of common law and equity, backed by vast modern legislation.

The Bahamas boasts an advanced financial, professional, and banking infrastructure, with more than 400 banks and trust firms. Tourism is another significant economic driver and contributes over 60% of the country's GDP.

Aside from tourism, the region’s e-commerce sector is growing each year and the government has starting encouraging people to invest in the sector.

Why choose the Bahamas?

In addition to being a paradise for travelers, the Bahamas is also a renowned international financial and banking center that is strictly enforced with well-defined confidentiality and money laundering laws. Its competitive tax system is a major draw for foreigners, and there is no direct taxation on personal income. The robust financial services industry boasts an experienced workforce and many opportunities for professionals from overseas.

With its distinct culture and rich tradition, The Bahamas offers a distinctive and exciting location where you can live, work, and play. This is a subtropical paradise with excellent connectivity as well as frequent connections to American and European cities. Expats have access to top-quality healthcare services, with public and private hospitals offering various options.

Requirements to set up a company

With abundant political and economic stability, stringent regulations, an ideal geographical area and business-friendly policies, The Bahamas offers favorable conditions to allow businesses to flourish.

There are various options to consider when selecting the best corporate structure for your business within the Bahamas. The most common choice is to form a Limited Company or open an office branch.

You will need to secure a Memorandum of Association, in addition to opening a Bahamas corporate bank account. You will also need a minimum investment amount, which varies depending on the type of structure you are establishing.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

In order to live and work in the Bahamas, you will need to obtain a long-term work permit to stay for a period of more than three months. You will also need a letter from your prospective employer, as well as police and medical certificates. While obtaining employment permits can be competitive, many thriving sectors attract highly-qualified foreign citizens.