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Lausanne is a thriving city on Lake Geneva located in the Swiss canton of Vaud. This picturesque city, located 62 kilometres northeast of Geneva, is situated in the French-speaking part of the country. In addition to French, German, Swiss-German and Italian are the most widely spoken languages, while around 40% of the population comprises of foreign nationals, which gives a particularly multicultural feel to the city.

Lausanne is home to the International Olympic Committee headquarters. The city is also renowned for its esteemed universities and research institutes, including the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and HEC Lausanne (Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne).

Lausanne has a modern and well-developed economy and is home to many of the largest Swiss commercial banks. Many international corporations are situated here, including Nestle, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers, amongst others.

Why Choose Lausanne?

If you’re seeking an exciting opportunity to live and work in a thriving, cosmopolitan and affluent part of the world, choose Lausanne. The quality of life here is excellent, unemployment rates are low, the scenery is stunning, while the city offers a unique atmosphere.

Lausanne has plenty of professional opportunities, with an abundance of career prospects for both European and foreign expatriates. While the local labour market is competitive, it is also very diverse, therefore if you possess the right skillset, finding a job here should not be difficult.

As a hub for commercialism, tourism and culture, Lausanne is a very important Swiss city. Many sectors are thriving here, including agriculture, construction, trade, healthcare, manufacturing and mechanics, as well as commerce, finance, insurance and information/communication technology.

Outside of work, discover glorious parks, bustling shopping districts and a unique architectural heritage. The city is also home to 60 kilometres of cycle tracks, 33 hectares of vines and 11 kilometres of stunning shorelines.

Requirements to set up a company

There are a number of compelling reasons to set up a company in Lausanne, including a favourable tax climate, political stability and a liberal labour market. The process of setting up a company involves a number of steps, as well as legal considerations, specific incorporation formalities, and certain insurance requirements.

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

With a population of some 300,000 inhabitants and 170,000 job roles, this is an excellent location for employment. Since this is a French-speaking region, good knowledge of French is not only advantageous, but in some cases, a must.

In order to obtain a Lausanne work visa, you will need a valid work visa. EU nationals can apply for a B permit, which is typically valid for five years. Non-EU nationals require a work and residence permit in order to start working in Lausanne. You will need both annual residence and B Permits in order to live and work here.

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