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Not just your average IT recruiter, AP Technical can assist in many areas, covering Human resources, staffing and career management. Please get in touch to find out more.


As a specialist IT, Digital Media and Telecoms Recruitment provider, AP Technical works with a wide range of public and private sector clients to address their unique staffing challenges, particularly in the areas of IT/operations, Telecoms, Digital Media, electronics, web, ecommerce and eGaming. We have a proven track record in placing candidates at all levels, junior to senior-management level, offering permanent, temporary and contract positions. 

Our consultants are experienced recruiters, with a thorough understanding of the technical marketplace not only in Guernsey, Jersey, Cyprus, Switzerland and Canada but also internationally.

Whether you’re looking for a new talent to come on board or you want a challenging opportunity in the IT/telecoms sector, we have the ability to understand your requirements, carefully matching your job description or CV to relevant and suitable candidates or vacancies.

With an excellent reputation with job seekers, HR professionals and IT and Telecoms decision makers, we cater to all aspects of the recruitment cycle as well as offer a comprehensive range of HR services, including payroll services, salary guides and company searches in selected locations.

We are confident that by applying our innovative recruitment strategies and extensive industry knowledge, we will deliver bespoke, efficient and reliable professional services to our clients and candidates alike.

To find out more about how AP Technical can assist you with free confidential career advice, or filing a vacancy requirement, then please contact us today.

Client Services

Temporary and Contract Staff

AP Technical can provide temporary and contract staff in Guernsey, Jersey and Cyprus to solve short-term and longer-term staffing problems, whatever their cause, in all areas of the Technical and IT market.

Salary Guides

AP Technical provides salary guides in Guernsey and Jersey for nearly every IT and Technical Sector. 

Payroll Services

AP Technical's payroll specialists can take on the task of looking after the payroll element of a business, dealing with tax, social security etc. and freeing the principals of a company to do what they do best: bring in money from their goods and/or services.

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CV Writing Skills

Sending a quality CV can be the most important part of the recruitment process. At AP Technical, we can offer advice about the best way to structure your resume, and how to ensure that content within it it is relevant and attractive to potential employers.

Interview Skills

Our experienced recruiters are not just there to send out your CV and let you do the rest of the work like other technical recruitment agencies. We are always happy to offer advice regarding the whole recruitment process, in particular the dos and don'ts of the interview environment. 


AP Technical caters for IT contract jobs, temporary, short or long-term contracts for a wide variety of industries. These can range from a single day assignments to longer 12-month projects. We strive to send our clients the most suitable people we have, based on skills and experience.

Work Restrictions

As is common with many jurisdictions around the world, in order to control their population levels Jersey and Guernsey have strict rules governing the number of people who can come to the islands to live and work. Cyprus adheres to strict European Law regarding immigration.


Relocation Advice

With consultants actively based and working in Cyprus, Switzerland, Guernsey and Jersey, we are able to offer expert advice on IT jobs abroad and what it's like to live and work in these locations.

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