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Why a specialist recruitment agency is the answer to all your recruitment woes...

  • Publish Date: Posted 18 April 2017
  • Author: AP Group

‘Specialist’ is the new buzzword in recruitment, but what does it mean?

Gone are the days when generalist recruiters were able to provide staffing solutions across industries, from IT and finance to energy. With the diversification of the market along with increasing digitisation of recruitment, specialist recruiters are now your go-to people for niche and more reliable recruiting.

Here’re four main reasons why specialist staffing firms are sweeping the recruitment market with innovation and result-driven approach.

  1. Niche expertise: Just as you would seek out help from a specialist for your specific health condition, specialist recruitment firms should be your first choice for sourcing talent in niche markets. The reason is simple: they are ‘experts’ in their own fields. They are not only familiar with the industry-specific terminology and jargon, but also the trends and developments within your sector. Their unrivalled market knowledge means they know exactly what skills you’re looking for in your candidates. They can provide detailed market insights and help you benchmark specialised positions as per the latest industry standards. Many of these recruitment consultants have background in the relevant sectors.

  1. Extensive industry contacts: Building a reputation in the market as a specialist recruiter is no easy game. It takes years of recruiting experience, strategic planning and building up industry contacts. Thanks to our extensive industry network, we understand our client’s business like no other recruitment firm does. At AP Technical, our consultants regularly attend conferences and networking events, and contribute to industry debates and magazines.

  1. Innovative recruiting: In the age of digital media, traditional recruiting methods – including employee referral, job postings and LinkedIn search - cannot deliver results. That’s why specialist headhunters focus on innovative talent acquisition and recruiting strategies. From social media marketing to using sophisticated recruiting software, they leave no stone unturned to bring the best talent for your specialised positions. 

  1. Impressive candidate database: Using the services of a specialist recruitment firm means you will get access to a wider talent pool of both active and passive candidates. As a specialist IT recruiter, AP Technical boasts an extensive database of top quality IT professionals from a broad range of specialism, including e-Gaming, electronics, telecommunications, web development, digital media, engineering, IT support, programming and coding. We recruit for all the main industry leaders in Guernsey and Jersey and are a go-to agency for all your recruitment needs. 

  1. Reduce the risk of bad recruitment: Recruiting for specialised positions requires specialist knowledge. Often companies make the costly mistake of assigning the task of niche recruiting to in-house HR teams or generalist recruitment firms. The result is high turnover, low work productivity and associated financial loss.

    At AP Technical, we make it our job to ensure that you find the most suitable candidates for your specialist positions. We take the time to understand the role and each individuals’ skillset and aspirations, and accordingly chalk out a plan to address the needs of all involved. Studies have shown that many professionals trust their own efforts more than general recruiter when it comes to finding a job.  Specialist agency and recruitment consultants greatly reduce  this risk because they have the right acumen.  

When it comes to IT recruitment in the Channel Islands and beyond, AP Technical is your trusted partner. With over 26 years of experience in IT, eGaming, Digital Media and Telecoms recruitment, we are uniquely placed to undertake complex and challenging assignments and deliver time-bound results. As an affiliate member of APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies), we are committed to serving our clients with professionalism and integrity.

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