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All you need to know about Guernsey’s New Population Management Law

  • Publish Date: Posted 20 April 2017
  • Author: AP Group

​The long-awaited and much debated Population Management Law in Guernsey came into force on 3rd April, 2017.  The new law aims to cap immigration whilst encouraging the right make-up of people to meet the skills shortages as well as other social and fiscal objectives. It replaced the old Housing Control and Right to Work Laws.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new rules:

Under the new law, everyone living in Guernsey aged 16 and above will need to hold a Certificate or Permit in order to legally live and work here.

What’s a Resident Certificate?

A Resident Certificate is issued to someone who is entitled to live and work in Guernsey indefinitely. Some Certificates limit the holder to residing in Open Market Housing. 

What’s a Resident Permit?

A Resident Permit is issued to someone whose residence status in the island is conditional and is based on things like working in a specific job (skill shortage area), or living with a specific person (usually an immediate family member who has a Resident Certificate).

To know more about Certificates and Permits please visit

Employment Permits

Employment Permits replaced the old Right to Work documents and fall into two main categories: 1) Open Market Employment Permits are issued to those living and working in Open Market Accomodation. For example: household employees or staff employed in hotels and nursing/resudential homes. 2) Local Market Employment Permits fall into three main categories, namely Long Term Permits, Medium Term Permits and Short Term Permits.  

Long Term Permit:

  • Issued for a maximum period of 8 years ( The holder becomes an Established Resident after the completion of 8 years' continuous residence ).

  • Tied to the sponsoring employer.

  • Can be a Local Market Householder

  • Issued for jobs where there are persistent skills gaps in Guernsey and internationally. Example: senior level positions in IT, Software Project Development, E-Gambling, E-Gaming, Cyber Security, Web Development and Animation.

Job titles: Senior Communications Specialist, Senior Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst, IT Infrastructure Consultant, Cyber Security Specialist, Senior UX Designer etc.

Medium Term Permit

  • Valid for a up to 5 years (the holder will have to take a Recognised Break in Residence of at least five years before returning to work in Guernsey).

  • Tied to the sponsoring employer

  • Can live in Local Market housing

  • Can accomodate immediate family members

  • Issued for jobs where there are skills shortages in Guernsey, but not internationally.

  • Some jobs under MTEP include: mid-management level positions in IT, Software Development, E-Gaming, Video Production and Cyber Security.

Some roles under this Permit: Games Developer, Project Manager, Communication Specialist, Video Producer, Customer Relationship Manager etc.

Short – Term Permit

  • Valid for up to 1 year at a time for unskilled roles where there is a local manpower shortage.

  • Can be extended (if the job can't be filled locally) for a further one year period, but only up to 5 years' aggregate residence under Short Term Employment Permits.

  • Cannot bring family members

  • Tied to the sponsoring employer.

  • Can live in shared accommodation in Local Market housing only.

Here’s a quick guide to Employment Permits:

Employer Portal:

The introduction of Employer Portal comes as a relief for employers who can now submit and track online applications, which makes the process quicker, efficient and more transparent

The Portal can also be used for employee record keeping and workforce management.

For more information about the Employer Portal or how to make an online application, visit this link

AP Technical can provide valuable advice and guidance to employers and candidates regarding the new population management law. Speak to one of our consultants today!