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How has your 2014 begun and your outlook for the rest of the year.

  • Publish Date: Posted 09 January 2014
  • Author: AP Group

​I had fantastic start of 2014 with several new business developments in January. I am quite positive about rest of the year too, receiving new positions in Jersey and Switzerland plus new client leads. As IT industry is booming,  it should surely yield some positive business in Jersey and other jurisdictions.

What are your key/top recruitment areas at the moment?

Java, Oracle, .Net developer, SQL server, Unix and Project Managers really seem to be in demand. Working with banking, finance and IT companies.

What are the top sought-after skills?

  1. Analytical skills

  2. ITIL certification

  3. Cisco certified network administrator

  4. Microsoft certified system Engineer/Microsoft certified system Administrator

  5. Software jobs mostly ask for BSc in computer science or Bachelors degree in Engineering

  6. VMware certification is in demand

What is your top advice to candidates in today's market?

Always keep your CV updated with general industry knowledge and also keep up-to-date with certifications in relevant areas. Candidates with relevant qualifications and certifications will always be given preference over the others. In this prevailing employers market candidates should be flexible enough and should not put many conditions before joining a new employer.

Describe your perfect job seeker

According to me, a perfect job seeker is one who is active in all modes of communication and is present in all modes of networking. During the search for right job, candidates should get engaged in some self study, some training or pursue some certification which will establish great new skills and a new self-worth.

Any additional comments

 Just be positive and keep working diligently and this will yield positive results.