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CYTA continues as main provider in Cyprus telecommunications sector

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 February 2011
  • Author: AP Group

The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) had a 90% share of the Cypriot mobile telecommunications market during 2010.  Other providers had 10%, while as regards to international calls CYTA had a share of 60% and other providers 40%.  These figures were announced by the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Polis Michaelides. 

With regard to mobile telecommunications, in 2009 CYTA had 80% and Areeba which was afterwards renamed as MTN 20%. In broadband services CYTA had in 2009, 79-80% of the share, and other providers the remaining percentage.

He also said that there are 135 mobile phones for every 100 Cypriots, and that this percentage of 135% is one of the highest in Europe.

He noted that Cyprus has qualitative services and is considered the most inexpensive country among EU member states as regards mobile telecommunications rates, while it is among the countries with the highest rates as regards fixed telecommunications.

AP Technical is keen to hear from experienced telecommunication engineers/professionals (particularly with a Greek background) who are interested in positions in Cyprus.

First published on on 03/02/2011