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Advice Website launches to help protect Jersey Children Online

  • Publish Date: Posted 07 August 2010
  • Author: AP Group

​A Jersey parent and entrepreneur is launching a new service to help parents protect their children when they use the internet.

IT consultant Nathan Wright has set up which is the only website of its kind designed specifically for Jersey, and acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for parents needing information, advice or assistance to keep their children safe online:

“As a parent myself, and an IT consultant for over 20 years, I know just how difficult it is to ensure that children are safe when using the Internet, while still making sure that they are able to do the research they need for school, and have fun”.

“Local media coverage has also highlighted the fact that, even in Jersey, we are not immune to online danger. People will go to great lengths, including travelling to the Island, to engage with a child they have met online”.

“Over the years I have often been asked by friends and family to make their children’s use of computers safer, without taking all the fun or value out of it – and so I decided to set up to do just that”. offers advice on issues such as cyber bullying, using chat rooms, buying online and game console protection as well as containing links to recognised child protection services both locally and in the UK for both parents and children. It also offers internet safety tips and details on who you should contact if parents or children have concerns about unsolicited messages or emails.

Finally, the website also provides details of how people can get help if they need it with setting up their computer properly so users are protected, which can get quite technical and be time consuming.

Studies have shown that in most cases online relationships of an inappropriate nature have started with a simple, innocent conversation. Many sites now have chat rooms where children can interact about issues that interest, inspire or perhaps concern them. Unfortunately chat rooms also present an ideal opportunity to those with criminal intentions.

“Children often seem to know more about the technology and how computers work than their parents and this can be worrying. From an early age it is important that children understand the risks and dangers of using the internet.  Schools in the Island have recently been focusing on e-safety with the ‘Think Before you Post’ campaign, so it’s a good time for parents to think about this too”.

During the production process for Nathan attended the advanced e-safety training course run by the Jersey Child Protection Committee – the committee has also assisted with the website to make sure it contains the right material.

First published on on 29/07/2010