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Sure Indie: Breaking the mould in mobile services

  • Publish Date: Posted 30 July 2010
  • Author: AP Group

​The launch of Sure Indie, a third payment option for mobile phone users, is set to shake up the island’s telecoms market.

For the first time, islanders will be able to choose a mobile service which provides the benefits of call minute and text message bundles without the need to sign up to a contract. To join the new payment plan, customers just need to text the number of the payment plan (125, 200, 400 or 800) to the text shortcode, 101.

Sure Indie is the island’s first hybrid tariff which marries the benefits of having a mobile contract with the flexibility of Pay As You Go. By offering this third option, Sure is providing Pay As You Go customers with access to the same value in the cost of calls, text messages and data that users on contracts receive.

Pay As You Go customers who use Sure Indie will have the choice of four payment plans: 125 for £10 per month, 200 for £15 per month, 400 for £25 per month and 800 for £35 per month.

With the £10 per month option, Sure Indie users will receive 125 call minutes, 125 text messages and 100Mb of data usage when they top up at the beginning of the month. This effectively brings the price of a call down to 8p per minute which is about 30% lower than the cost of most Pay As You Go calls in Jersey, which tend to be about 12p per minute. Customers who choose the Sure Indy 800 payment plan will be able to make calls for a little over 4p per minute.

Once the allocation of call minutes and messages is used up, customers flip back to the regular Pay As You Go rates until they top up at the beginning of the following month.

Graham Hughes, Chief Executive of Sure Jersey believes that Sure Indie is a much needed innovation in the mobile phone market. “Sure Indie really breaks the mould for mobile phone services in Jersey.

“For too long, mobile phone users have had just two options in the way they pay for their phones. Sure Indie brings an end to this lack of choice and provides Pay As You Go users with value that was previously only available to pay monthly customers.

“Sure Indie will be particularly helpful to people staying in Jersey for a limited length of time, people who want to carefully manage their monthly spend or for people who just don’t want a contract.”

To switch to the Sure Indie payment plan, Sure Pay As You Go users should send a text to 101 with the word Indie and the number of the plan they would like to access (i.e. Indie125, Indie200, Indie400, Indie800).

First published on on 29/07/2010