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Wave Telecom doubles its mobile broadband speeds

  • Publish Date: Posted 20 May 2010
  • Author: AP Group

Wave Telecom has launched the fastest mobile broadband currently available in the Bailiwick. Wave’s Super Mobile Broadband is twice the speed of its previous service, and now runs at up to 7.2 Megabits (Meg) per second. 

In 2003 Wave was the first network provider to bring 3G to the island and since then it has invested in excess of £15m to build a world class network. This upgrade means Wave’s customers can enjoy even smoother and quicker access to the internet, on the move, with a mobile device such as a laptop, iPhone or the new iPad. 

So for anyone who wants to check e-mails with large attachments, download music/tv/films or make a video call using a webcam, the experience will now be even better. 

Browsing large websites such as the BBC, YouTube or Amazon will be up to 50% quicker; downloading a full edition of Eastenders could take just a couple of minutes and streaming videos will be far smoother. 

Super Mobile Broadband supports all of Wave's mobile data services, including shared data bundles. This launch follows Wave Telecom’s introduction of ‘pay as you go’ mobile broadband with data costs at just 1p per Meg. 

While fixed line broadband services are commonplace across the islands, mobile broadband is a rapidly growing technology thanks to the arrival of advanced mobiles such as the Apple iPhone and the increasing popularity of laptops for home and business use. Wave Telecom’s plan is to create a seamless transition from home computer to mobile device. 

Guy Pipon, Deputy Managing Director at Wave Telecom said: “Being the first to offer Super Mobile Broadband in the Balliwick demonstrates our firm commitment to providing customers with not only the best, but the very latest mobile services available. It is a key part of our digital strategy, which will provide access to the Internet at the speeds our customers’ want, irrespective of whether they are at home/work or on the move. That strategy will deliver the full benefits of the digital revolution, making it quicker and smoother to download pictures, video and music on your laptop or mobile, make a video call, or just open e-mail attachments”. 

“Devices such as the iPhone and iPad have opened up so many opportunities to our customers – being able to support them with such a high mobile broadband speed only makes those opportunities even greater”. 

Work to install the faster broadband speeds has started, with mobile users in the area around St Andrews in Guernsey already enjoying 7.2 Meg. The rest of the island will be covered in the coming weeks, meaning Wave Telecom customers will enjoy faster mobile broadband services across the Bailiwick.

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