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Half of employees actively jobhunting

  • Publish Date: Posted 17 March 2010
  • Author: AP Group

​The UK’s only recruitment review site, commissioned research to look at the number of Brits looking for new jobs. The site polled 1,987 people, 1,567 of which were currently employed. 51% of those in employment said that they were actively looking for another role.

77% of those who were looking to get a new job said that they were doing it in February; whilst 1 in 5 said that they weren’t sure when they would start looking. Of the people looking in February, 4 in 5 said they considered looking in January but wanted to ‘give it a month’.

Of those polled, 17% said that they had in fact started looking in January, and would be continuing until they had found their dream job.

12% of those who had started their job searching in February had intended to do it in January but didn’t get around to it, whilst 39% said that an argument at or about work was the final straw. Of those looking for a job during the month of February, 73% said that they were likely to give up towards the end of the month if they hadn’t found anything by that point.

56% of those quizzed who are looking for a new job said that they had started job searching because they thought they had a greater chance of getting the a more suitable job “now the recession is over.”

54% of those polled by said that the job that they were looking for was not in any way related to the one that they currently had. 11% said that they were looking to progress up the career ladder, whilst 1 in 4 said they wanted the same job but at a different company

Over half of the total number of people polled said that the biggest factor in leaving a job would be if they didn’t get on with their boss or their colleagues. 51% said that career prospects would be a factor, whilst 49% said that if the money didn’t get better they would be gone.

Top five reasons for people leaving their current job:

1. Boss/Colleague feud – 53%

2. Lack of promotion/career prospects – 51%

3. Not enough money – 49%

4. Boredom – 42%

5. Family move – 39%

Lisette Howlett, Managing Director of said;

“With the excitement of the New Year over, many employees will be looking elsewhere.

“The majority of people use January to feel out whether or not they could see themselves staying at their current employment, but by February, after the January payday, a large number commit to searching for a new role.

“Our traffic so far in February certainly shows this to be the case. February really is the month of job-searching for British workers.”

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