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Business culture hinders remote working

  • Publish Date: Posted 02 March 2010
  • Author: AP Group

​A recent survey suggests that business culture is the main obstacle to reaping the benefits offered by remote working.

This is despite the fact that 73 per cent of workers believe they are more productive when working from home, according to the study by vendor Lumison.

About 65 per cent of the 1,000 individuals polled added that they also work longer hours when working remotely, though half of those surveyed said their bosses remain sceptical about whether or not they were actually working.

Even though only 33 per cent of the respondents said their employers have a defined remote working policy, 65 per cent of the respondents said they have all the technology they need to work effectively from home.

And 27 per cent of those polled said their managers "value being present over being productive".

“Many businesses are stuck in a Dickensian mindset of ‘presenteeism’,” said Lumison chief executive Aydin Kurt-Elli.

Written by Angelica Mari - First published on